ETO Sterilizer
The ETO Sterilizers are applicable for healthcare facilities for the accurate sterilization of many critical items, which are subtle to moisture. The Ethylene Oxide sterilization process they are offered with, allow them to disinfect the pharmaceutical & medical products.
Horizontal Autoclave
Offered Horizontal Autoclaves are applicable for the sterilization of surgical tools, glassware, hospital dressings, utensils etc. These are demanded for hospitals as well as other medical facilities.
Steam Sterilizer
Provided Steam Sterilizers ensure complete removal of microorganisms so as to attain a highly sterile environment. With the steam processes, they remove all germs and bacteria. Offered energy-efficient products have locking pressure units, safety device etc.
Laboratory Autoclave
Provided Laboratory Autoclaves are specifically useful for laboratories, pre-disposal treatment, chemical sector, pharmaceutical industry and others. All pharmaceutical, microbiological and research labs need them for the activity of sterilization.
ETO Sterilizer Accessories
ETO Sterilizer Accessories are useful for the process of ETO sterilization. The canisters, cartridges and others provided in the range are highly suitable for industrial, domestic, laboratory and commercial usages.
Rectangular   Autoclave
The Rectangular Autoclaves are highly indispensable for chemical & medical industry so as to execute the process of sterilization and cure the coatings. These stainless steel fabrications are accessible in both manual and automatic modes of operation.
Pure Steam Sterilizer
The Pure Steam Sterilizer is appropriate for the sterilization of tanks, conduits, fermenters etc. Other components these are offered with are tri-clover fittings, single effect unit, spiral fin arrangement and numerous others.
Washer Disinfector
Provided Washer Disinfectors are suited for medical and pharmaceutical applications. These assist to prepare things for upcoming autoclaving as well as removal of remainders. Before the operation of these, proper cleaning is required.
Ultrasonic Cleaner
Supplied Ultrasonic Cleaners utilize cavitation bubbles as well as high frequency pressure for their process of cleaning. An effective and efficient removal of contaminants is ensured. The solid surfaces of ceramics, plastics and glass is totally cleaned.
Dry Heat Sterilizer
The Dry Heat Sterilizer is proffered with quick cooling attachment and doorways of silicone gasket for the prevention of air outflows. Provided compact depyrogenation units have various safety features.
CSSD Equipments

Provided CSSD (Central Sterile Services Department) Equipments are useful for the processes of assembly, sterilizing, decontamination, processing, sterile storage etc. The units provide sterile items and other equipments for the medical purposes.

Pass Box
Introduction of our Pass Box, a crucial tool for keeping sterile conditions in cleanrooms and labs. Its compact and efficient nature facilitates material transfers between controlled areas that minimize potential contaminating problems. Our pass box is built to last and comes with all the features necessary to deliver on strict hygiene requirements.

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